All-Star Cheerleading


What is All-Star Cheerleading?

  Competitive all-star cheerleading is an evolving activity that has increased in popularity.  Cheerleaders historically were a group of females that cheered for their school teams at sporting events.  25 years ago the stereotype of a cheerleader had two requirements, beauty and popularity.  Cheerleading has evolved from pretty girls leading the crowd to a highly physical competitive sport
There are several types of cheerleading that exist today.  Most cheerleaders are the individuals that you will see cheering at sporting events and they usually do no compete at cheer competitions.  This is what makes all-star cheerleaders different from the rest.  All-star cheerleading teams do not cheer at sporting events but rather compete against other cheerleading teams at a competition.  It is a type of cheerleading that involves performing a 2 1/2 minute routine made up of stunts, tumbling, pyramids, jumps, and dance.  These routines are performed for a group of judges.  These judges score the routine based on difficulty, sharpness of motions, originality, and hitting all of the stunts correctly.  These teams are mainly made up of females, though males are becoming more prevalent on teams.  Males tend to have more upper body strength, allowing the stunts to be more impressive and cheerleaders to be thrown higher into the air.  Unlike other sports, there is not an off-season for all-star cheerleaders.  These cheerleaders practice all year round to perfect their routines.  Taking an extended length of time off from practice would cause cheerleaders to lose some of their skills and possibly not reach their full potential.   


What is Desert Sky All-Star Cheerleading

 Desert Sky All-Star Cheerleading is for children ages 5 to 14 years old.  There are up to five all-star cheer teams that travel to Tucson and mostly the Phoenix metropolitan area to compete against numerous other all-star cheer teams.  The all-star teams also travel once per year to nationals.  Nationals are held in Anaheim, CA. or Las Vegas, NV.  Tryouts are held in May every year for the season.  The season will run from August to April, with tumbling skill work in the summer.  Some tumbling is included during the season.  We will continue to recruit girls during the season if we have certain positions needing to be filled.  Its a great learning experience.